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We are extremely lucky to be based at La Tana we have access to the best facilities, we have experienced on our time on the Po.

Its great to sit down and enjoy a meal with its members, enjoying a local wine or beer.

All we ask is, if you like  a drink and get a bit larey, then maybe we are not for you.

Without the support and help of the members of La Tana, what we provide as Catmandu would not be possible, as such we would not wish to jeopardise our friendships and position here.

We look forward to meeting you!

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What to bring

  1. Mosquito/insect repellant (mozzi suit)

  2. Sunblock

  3. Pillowcase

  4. Sunglasses

  5. Sleeping bag (Twin crash zips advised)

  6. Camera-Go pro or similar, so you can share your experience

  7. Phone-Incase of emergency

  8. Waterproofs-yes it does rain in Italy

  9. Warm clothes-seasonal option, layers are advised

  10. Head-torch and torch, spare batteries

  11. Clothes you don't mind getting messy

  12. Suitable footwear-crocs are great for boats

  13. Gloves-for landing and handling the fish

  14. Antiseptic cream

  15. Tea bags-they aren't big on tea in Italy

  16. Euros and sterling

  17. Holiday insurance

  18. Emergency contact details

  19. PMA-Positive mental attitude

  20. Enthusiasm

  21. Sense of humour 

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