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Catfish rods and reels.


Break lining rods 

Our break lining rods have all proven themselves over the last 8 years to be more than capable of dealing with catfish over the 200 lb mark.  We have rods from Dam, Shimano, Browning, Cormoron, Unicat in 9ft through to 10ft.  The ideal length for this method.  They also are great for drift with live-baits fished under Bungs.

Vertical/Dynamic rods

Our Vertical rods are 1 piece Dam and have proven themselves extremely well. With a 225lb Cat to Chris in our last tour in 2019.


Catfish Reels

Our preferred reels for Breaklining are Penn Warfare 30 LWLH or Penn 321 LWLH both left-hand Multis re Pump with your right wind with your left.  Loaded with 80lb braid to 150lb leader in conjunction with our preferred Mono in 130lb, we have been using this since 2014 and it more than proved itself over the tours.  As have our Hooks from Mustad, Vmc, Catpro, etc.

We use extremely strong swivels and terminal tackle. We use 80lb braid to 300lb braided hooklength on our vertical/Dynamic set up combined with 160grm Fireball. We also Have a collection of Shimano 6500 As & Bs Penn Liveliner, and Okuma Longbow 90s for fixed spool fans or those that might be casting from the bank.

Auxiliary tackle and equipment

We provide Landing mats, scales slings, and stringers.  We have slings from Catfish Pro and CNC, both have proven themselves with cats over 200lb.  We provide The Dam bait station for keeping your Bait in top condition once in your swim.  With rubberized mesh, floatation ring, and Zipped entry they are, in our opinion the best on the market.
We also supply 12-volt air pumps to keep the baitfish oxygenated whilst in transit to your swim for the night.


We provide bedchairs from JRC and Rod Hutchinson In 6 and 8 leg designs
Along with sleeping bags and pillows and bedchair covers. So you are warm, dry, and comfortable on the bank at Night.

Bivvies Brolly systems

We have a selection of bivvies and Brolly systems from JRC these ensure even in the worst of weather you can stay dry.

Coarse tackle

We have Twin tip barbel rods in 1.75lb TC with free spool reels in 4000 sizes loaded with 30lb braid.  These are perfect rods for catching bait, be it Barbel, Bream, Channel Cats, Roach, Chub, and Asp.  Used with large cage feeders with ground bait and maggots.

We supply keep net,  Landing net, and scales and slings.  We have four light spinning rods suitable for small Mepps and lures for the Asp, Zander, Chub, and smaller wels.  The asp is definitely an early morning early evening fish and also an excellent bait.  Plus nice to get out for a couple of hours exploring the river in search of these hard fighting bars of Silver.

Carp rods

New for 2020 we purchased 6, 3.5lb tc 12ft Pro Logic Classic Black Carp rods. With 14mm anti frap tip and 50mm base ring. Japanese shrink slimline handles. We have Stainless JRC Euro pods to keep the rods high and secure. Along with mats, slings, landing nets, and scales. All we ask if you are carping bring your preferred reels and alarms and terminal.  We have stock of 6oz and 8oz grippers. With flow, you are unlikely to be fishing more than 25m from the bank.

Cook Kit

We supply gas stoves, pans, kettles, mugs, plates, cutlery, and utensils.  Coolbox and BBQ.  You have access to our fridge and Freezer for ice packs and keep your food chilled

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