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What we do


Catmandu est.2013 offers anglers the opportunity to fish using traditional live-bait techniques of break-lining to rocks or out-riggers, vertical, dynamic and spin fishing for the River pos, truly wild record breaking predatory catfish.

Utilising one of our 17 foot boats, for transporting you and all the tackle to a chosen swim for the night and use as our temporary fishing platform, using our 3m dinghy with aluminium floor, 4HP outboard and advanced sonar.  We will attach out-triggers to likely ambush points and drop baits in known patrol routes.

In the event of a take, we may have to jump in the dinghy at any time and chase the hooked fish.  This is where the real catfishing begins.

On the bank, your welfare and comfort are catered for, with Bivvies, bed- chairs plus covers, sleeping bags and pillows.  Alongside this, enjoy a meal cooked al-fresco on the bbq or open pit, accompanied by a glass of local wine or a  cold beer, watching the sunset.

Big river Euro catfishing is a team effort.  Your guide is with you through the whole process and you can be as hands on as you desire.  Working as a team makes for great results and team celebrations.  

We provide Slings, scales and stringers.  Your guide will assist in the weighing and photographing of your prized catch.

On return to base, you can grab a shower, enjoy a delicious big breakfast, re stock the cool boxes and the live-baits and head out for another nights adventure.

We provide guided/un-guided cat fishing and un guided Carp and Coarse fishing tours on Italy's fantastic River Po.  Utilising boats, dinghies and all tackle supplied.  


This will include:


Bed-chairs with covers

Sleeping bag




Landing tarps





Bait snatching rods and reels

Cook kits

Everything you need to tackle the resident species.  All tackle including terminal is provided on Guided catfish packages, excluding Fireball rigs and Lures.  On unguided Carp we ask you bring your preferred reels, terminals and alarms.

Un-guided coarse we provide rod and reels, Terminal is available at cost re cage, feeders, hook length and hooks.

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