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Our boats

To tackle catfishing effectively on the Po requires a little more than a dinghy and oars.  We use 17 foot Dory's with 40 HP outboards, customised for big river Euro catfishing.

These allow for quick transport for us and our tackle for the night.  The main boat allows us to access swims not accessible from the road.  They provide us with a stable platform to present our baits.  As fishing a true flowing fiver creates its own issues re presentation.

Using our 3m dinghy's with 4HP outboards and advanced sonars, we will select suitable ambush points and connect outriggers, we will also drop bricks with break lines in proven patrol routes.

The dinghy's will also be used, should a  catfish need to be played away from the nearside snags.  Believe us, nothing will compare to being out in the river, playing a catfish as it tows the dinghy upstream and downstream, and around in circles, sometimes in complete darkness.

We provide adventures!

In addition we have our 4.2M Dory, customised for Euro catting, with 20 HP outboard.  This is available to un-guided Cat, Carp and Course anglers who prefer to DIY.

Along with our other Catmandu 4.2M support boat, we have a plan B, in the event of a breakdown or unexpected event.  We wouldn't want your experience to stop because of any unforeseen circumstances.


The Hooker

camou boat.jpg


The Little Hooker

little white hooker.jpg



Owen Wells

oewn wells boat.jpg
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