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Unguided Coarse

Booking Code UGCOD 2

The river Po is not just about the Catfish, and it's a shame not to take advantage of the excellent coarse fishing available.  The fish density of the Po is higher than any other European river and is it any wonder with the amount of natural food present.

With Carp to 35 KG, Barbel up to 12lb increasing every year, Zander over 9KG, Asp over 10lb, Sturgeon, Channel Cats up to 20lb, Bream, Chub, Bleak, and a mix of other European river species, plus the chance of an aquarium escapee or other foreign anomaly.  A Vundoo catfish came out of the Adda, and a Siamese carp of 102lb lower down the Po who knows what will be next to come out.


 We have found fishing ground bait feeder with Maggot the most effective method, fishing from an anchored boat. This has several advantages, one you lose less terminal tackle, two you are not constrained to where you have bank access, three you can quickly move and change location should your chosen spot seem to be slow or not producing.  Four, what better way to spend a day fishing, anchored up hauling what could be over 100 barbel from 8oz through to low doubles, with always the chance of hooking up one of the big carp or cats.


You may wish to try for the Zander, The Barbel rods at 1.75lb, etc are perfect for this, and we have whips at the base so you can catch some bleak to use as bait.  Again the boat allows you access to swims that are not accessible to bank anglers.  Maybe you fancy an early morning or late evening lure fishing for the Asp.  All of this is possible, If you want to night fish, that's your choice.  Or maybe you would be happier back at base relaxing with a well-earned cold beer after busy days hauling, where you could get a meal locally, prepare your own, or take advantage of a take out traditional stone-baked wood-fired pizza.


We serve The Big Breakfast at 10.30 am at La Tana for returning Cat teams you are more than welcome to join us.

The choice is yours.













Coarse package what's included

Licenses and membership of La Tana allowing you access to the facilities.
4.2m Dory with 20HP outboard
4 × twin tip Barbel rods and free spool reels.
2 × Landing net and keepnet 
4 × Rod rests and bank sticks.
1 Sling, Scales, and Mat per party.
1 Bivvy, Bed-chair, Sleeping Bag, Pillow, and Bed-chair Cover per person.
1 Cook Kit Per Party.

What's not included

Fuel, Bait, Food & Drink
Gas Cylinders.
Airport Transfer.
Terminal tackle. We carry stock of 160gm large cage feeders available at cost.
We have found Drennen Supplex in 8lb a suitable hook link, and Drennen super-specialist eyed hooks to be perfect and stay sharp.  A lot of these barbels have never been caught and really do give an excellent account of themselves.  As with all Barbel allow them to recover in the net before unhooking.

We require a £500 deposit to cover damage or loss through misuse or negligence.

This will be returned at the end of your week.
Fishing rivers, using boats, and angling at night is dangerous please read our safety notice

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