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Getting here by plane

Getting here by Plane is by far the easiest,quickest and most economical way to get here.

With many of the budget airlines flying to the 4 closest airports, and flights from as little as £60.00 return and car hire available from £100.00 for a week.  This is likely to give you the most convenient and flexible option.  A party of 4 allowing for fuel could cost you less than £100 each.  

Hiring the car will give added flexibility to the flights you come in on, and be able to take advantage of the best prices, thus allowing you to arrive Friday evening, and return Sunday.  Plus allowing time to access the local area, e.g. eating out, supermarket runs and to gather supplies.  

Alternatively, buses run from Bergamo and Linate to Milan central train station, where trains run on a regular bases to Piacenza, the team will happily pick you up from here.  We are currently in contact with a few taxi companies and await pricing from them re pick up and return to Bergamo or Linate.  As soon as we have confirmed prices we will update the website.

We find Skyscanner invaluable re planning your flights, however, go to incognito browsing when looking at prices and availability, as the airlines use cookies therefore prices seem to fluctuate and can rise the next time you access them.

When you book your flights, a car hire option will more than likely pop up.  The easiest drive is Bergamo, using a 2 lane autostrada, with a toll as you access. You will be required to pick up a ticket on entry, and present one as you leave,  These are currently €8 each way.

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Getting here by road

We find the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk with DFDS is the cheapest, plus it allows for a nap, a bite to eat, and a chance to stretch your legs and relax.  We also try to avoid tolls or to keep them to a minimum by taking the route of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Switzerland, to reach our final destination, Italy.

It may not be the quickest route.  We generally take an overnight stay close to the Swiss border.  We avoid Mont Blanc tunnel as tolls are expensive and are usually towing as the ascent is heavy going,

Depending on the time you hit the Swiss border, you may well have to purchase Vignette, their equivalent of road tax at around €30.

You can obviously get fuel cheaper by coming off the motorway, however, time and distance are a factor.

Our route usually comes in at around 800 miles, that's usually problem-free, with few hold-ups.  You can generally cover a lot of miles in a short time.  We always take the overnight option, e.g. bed- chairs out at the services, grab a bite to eat, and have a few beers, as I have usually been on the road from the night before.

So, drive safe, stop when you need to, be safe, and enjoy the ride!

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