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"Someone once said if something is worth working for, you will get there in the end.  A lot of work and sacrifices have been made over the last 8 years, and without a very supportive family and partner, the team and ethic of Catmandu, along with our previous clients and the members of La Tana, we really would not be at the point where we are now.  I want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all who have played their part.  We look forward to the next phase of Catmandu and welcoming you to our unique service, location, and the little piece of heaven on the Po.  Tight Lines! "

Richard Aitken
Founder Catmandu

'If there was ever a man who ate, breathed and lived for his fishing, Chris is that man.  His enthusiasm knows no bounds.  I have watched him mature and develop his guiding skills and knowledge over the last 4 years.  I have no doubts in his abilities.  With his previous guiding, captures and success in 2019 with 3 different cats over 200lb, one with the vertical method.  He is hungry to replicate these captures for our guests and committed to the success and growth of Catmandu.'


Chris Pluck

Catfish guide, Partner Catmandu

Alan Owen

Boat builder

Partner Catmandu

"I've been involved with Catmandu since its inception by Richard.  Working closely with him on ideas and several exploratory trips to Europe fishing various waters.  My involvement is very practical, one job involves taking 'once loved' boats and turning them into specialist catfishing platforms. I try to put as much effort as possible into all aspects of the Catmandu experience as I can and will do for as long as possible.  I love doing what I do and can't wait to get back to Italy whenever I'm away from it.'

paul fish pic.jpg

Paul Rose


& Team member

'My names Paul rose, 
I started fishing when I was around 6 years of age and got really into my predator fishing while living in County Clare, Ireland. I returned to English waters when I was 15 years old and fished the river Wye a lot as well as other big rivers in hunt of specimen, pike, carp and barbel..  I started guiding on the river Ebro in Spain in 2017 and have had cats to 158lb and carp to over 40lb for clients so far.'

'I look forward to getting my teeth into the Po and hopefully producing some monsters in 2021. (Covid permitting)'


Meet the team

Hi Cat addicts!  From catching my first ever catfish and fish from the Ebro, way back in 1994, I became addicted to what is our greatest fresh water predator.  Many trips to the Ebro ensued over the years, and eventually I acheived my goal of a ton plus fish!

From Campredo on the lower river in 2000, my plan was always to set up as a guide.  Unfortunately a saturated guiding market plus regulations ruled out the Ebro.  A chance trip to Italy's River Po in 2013, sealed the location for me in which to set up Catmandu, beginning the long journey to achieve the ultimate guiding service.

The brief was simple.  I wanted to provide everything I would require of that service.  Allowing UK catfish anglers the opportinity to fish for catfish using traditional livebait techniques, and to enjoy the adventure, magic and exhilaration of real catfishing.

We knew this would mean more than an inflatable dinghy, a bag of pellets and a pair of oars.  We have worked hard, our passion driving us to want to be the best.  2021 sees us embark on our 8th year on the river.

With our fantastic boats, tackle, beautiful location and endless knowledge, we truly believe we offer the best catfish guiding service available.  Bar none.

We will strive to deliver this and more each year.  We are confident that once you have experienced Catmandu , you will be hungry to return.

We look forward to meeting you.

Tight Lines!

Richard and team

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