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Unguided Catfishing

We now offer un-guided packages, as there will people who have been guided by us before and now have the confidence and knowledge of the techniques and methods and how to apply them.


Plus there are people with previous experience, of big river euro catfishing, and are adverse to being guided.  However, we can provide the first night on a guided basis, as some of our methods and techniques will be a very steep learning curve, and assist you in dealing with the presentation, and maximizing your chances of success.


Even though you may choose the unguided option, you are not alone,  With 24/7 support at the base, we are happy to advise you on swim choice and presentation.  We will spend time with you to familiarise you with the boats, engines, and safety aspects, along with the provided tackle.  Only when we are all confident and happy, will we sign you off on your own catfishing adventure!

We ask for a £500.00 deposit on unguided, to cover loss or damage through negligence or misuse.  This will be returned at the end of the week.

Any loss or damage will be at cost.

Our unguided options


Booking Code UGCDD3* 


17-foot dory, 3.2-metre dinghy suitable for a team of 3, this is the best option in our opinion.  You will get everything included in the guided option, obviously minus a guide plus terminal tackle.  We can provide rigs made up, at cost, or bring your own preferred options.


Booking Code UGCDD2

*4.2 M Dory with 20HP tiller,3.2m dinghy this is suitable for a team of 2.
Again everything is included as above.


Booking Code UGCD2

*4.2M Dory with 20 HP tiller.  Suitable for a team of 2 who may choose to fish from the bank using ground spikes and utilize the dory for transport to the swim, bait drops, and playing fish.  This may be a better option for those who might want to mix it up a bit over the week, opting for a couple of nights break, a couple of days drift and vertical, and a couple of days Coarse and Carp spin fishing.  Basically you are not incurring the cost of the Dinghy.

*Although we appreciate this is your Holiday, and you want to relax and chill out.  The use of boats and engines at Night and Day and the extreme nature of our quarry plus the tackle we use adds to the danger.


*Your safety is paramount to us.  We are not saying don't have a drink, what we are saying is drink in moderation.  I certainly would not want to be trying to glove an angry 200lb catfish, with the possibility of a flying 6/0 eagle wave, with an angler who is not compass mentuss.  It would be irresponsible of you to expect your guide or team member to do so.  We have come this far without any serious injuries or fatalities and would prefer to keep our 100% record.

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