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Unguided Carp

Booking Code UGCAD 2

With truly wild river Carp up to 35kg, in pristine condition, why not take up the challenge of the River Po, these carp don't have names, and are free to travel where they desire.  With our package including the boat, you are free to explore and find your own swims.  And with everything we provide you can embark on your own extreme carping adventure.


Maybe setting out on a 48-hour sortie.  You may wish to fish 2 rods for the carp and possibly 1 out for the Cats, or Barbel during the day. We can accommodate this if it's what you require.  With 24/7 support at the base, you are safe in the knowledge should you have any problems, we are only a phone call away.

We have seen some beautiful river commons, scale perfect and there is the odd mirror.  The respect for the Carp here in Italy shows through, with protections and regulations in place.  With previous visitors to this stretch including Ali Hamidi as part of Team Korda filming, this tells you all you need to know.  By no means is this an easy venue, with a huge amount of natural food and some old and wary Carp plus actual real flow to deal with.  But we believe it will throw up something really special in the very near future.  


Why not be one of the first UK anglers to take an Italian 50lb river common, I think any carper would agree the kudos of a truly wild river fish cannot be equaled.

No need for bait boats here as you have the dory for baiting up, and you are unlikely to be chucking your baits anymore than 25m due to flow.  We will spend time with you, re-familiarise you with the boat and engine and tackle. Only when we are all happy and confident will we sign you off, on your river Po Carping adventure.











What's included:

Licenses and membership of La Tana allowing you access to their facilities
4.2m Dory with 20HP outboard
3 × 3.5tc 12 foot Carp rods per angler.
1 JRC stainless euro pod per angler
2  landing net & mat per party
1 sling & scales per party
1 bivvy or Brolly system per angler
1 Bedchair, Sleeping Bag, Pillow, and Bedchair cover per angler.
1 Carp Cradle per party.
1 cook kit per party (Gas stove,Bbq,kettle ,pans,plates,mugs,cutlery & utensils,Coolbox and ice packs)
We have a large paella ring and pan for the preparation of Maize & Particles.
You are welcome to use our Fridges and Freezers to keep your produce fresh.
And welcome to join us at 10.30 AM as we serve The Big Breakfast to returning Cat teams.

We ask for a £500.00 Deposit to cover damage or loss through negligence or misuse, returnable at end of your trip.  Please read our safety message and take on board our advice.  It's a big river and the use of boats, and fishing at night adds to the danger.

What's not included:

Fuel,Food & Drink,Gas cylinders,Bait,Carp Reels,Alarms,Terminal Tackle.
Airport transfer.
We carry stock of 6oz and 8oz grippers available at cost

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